Hjalte Wedel Vildhøj

Algorithms, Logic and Graphs
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Technical University of Denmark

Contact information

E-mail: kd.vwh@vwh
Facebook: hjaltewv


Technical University of Denmark
DTU Compute
Building 322, Office 008
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby
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About me

I'm a postdoc in the section for Algorithms, Logic and Graphs (AlgoLoG) at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU Compute. My PhD advisors were Inge Li Gørtz and Philip Bille. My research is centered around the design of algorithms, data structures and time-space trade-offs for combinatorial pattern matching problems. I am particularly interested in generalizations and variations of exact string matching and indexing.

When not in my office, I'm most likely travelling, riding my bike or hanging out on DTU's climbing wall. I also love to go spearfishing.

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My neighbors

The best thing about research is that you get to work with some admirable and brilliant people. Here's my current neighbors in the Erdös collaboration graph: Mika Amit, Philip Bille, Søren Bøg, Patrick Hagge Cording, Johannes Fischer, Inge Li Gørtz, Mathias Bæk Tejs Knudsen, Tomasz Kociumaka, Tsvi Kopelowitz, Moshe Lewenstein, Benjamin Sach, Frederik Rye Skjoldjensen, Tatiana Starikovskaya, Morten Stöckel, Søren Vind and David Kofoed Wind.